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It. Just. Works.

Tomato tells me when the kids wake up

Introducing Caravela

The more things change...

The Kindle vs. audio books

Configuring vsftpd for active and passive data connections on Amazon EC2

A new way to wake up the kids

One million visitors

DRM is Bad

They REALLY wanted me to take their survey

A comparison of communication products available from Apple, Inc. and God

Little "g"

Writer poised to take the intertubes by storm

Typing non-standard characters in Ubuntu/Gnome

Writer screencast

Footnotes plugin for WordPress released

Weather forecast for kids

Send To Flickr: a Flickr photo uploader for the Gnome desktop (Linux)

What do you think of...

"Send to Flickr" call for testers

About the Technical Reviewer

Thoughts about my refrigerator and its infernal automatic ice maker

Big Huge Thesaurus API

Free and open source database design software

Pro Web 2.0 Mashups

My backup system saved me today

Note taking with Tomboy

Can anyone suggest a good desktop note-taking application?

Bye bye, hello MooTools

Removing Windows from a Dual-Boot System

A year with Linux on the desktop

Sampson C01 + Xenyx 802 recording sample

Friends don't let friends podcast

I'm thinking The LA Times may not quite understand this whole "intertubes" thing

An oasis of comfort and happiness

The Art of War

On skating in the jungle

Zooomr update: down for the count?

Whither Zooomr?

The Zonbox $99 desktop computer

Dear Rookie Web Developer

Good news!

WordPress 2.1.3 disk usage chart

Snap Preview Anywhere, scourge of the internet

Shutdown Day

Four weeks with Ubuntu Linux on the desktop. Part 4: And the verdict is...

Four weeks with Ubuntu Linux on the desktop. Part 3: Oh my God---it's full of stars!

Four weeks with Ubuntu Linux on the desktop. Part 2: Down the rabbit hole.

Are these words real?

Four weeks with Ubuntu Linux on the desktop. Part 1: Switching is hard

Windows Genuine Spyware

HOWTO: Make a PDF e-book from any text file using Open Office

How to give your young children a personalized (managed) email address

LetterPop, now integrated with Flickr

Dear Old Skool Account-Holding Flickr Member

Skype brings out the 6-year-old girl in me

Fridays are lonely on the internets...


0.55 terabytes

I kicked Dell's ass!

Hypnotized by blue flashy lights at the Microsoft conference

Is Netflix worth it?

Google Maps is all kinds of great

Sorry, this website is on a coffee break, please come back later

Google and

Printing from Linux to a Windows XP shared printer

The Gimp experiment



Gaim Message Blocker plugin

Firefox 1.0 Preview

Hi, Kuro5hin


Four new Internet Explorer exploits (yes, more)

Programming joke

VB.NET upgrade "wizard"

You talk, it types?

Weekend without code