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#1GAM February 2013: Meteor Defense

May 31, 2013

In this game you take indirect control of a swarm of meteor defense robots that destroy incoming meteors upon impact. It was written in LÖVE2d. The game features Creative Commons licensed music from Nine Inch Nails. The theme this month was SOUND. One of the interesting features is that a lot of the animation and timing is based on the tempo of the song (61 bpm). The interval between meteors, the interval between new defense robots being spawned, the period of the defense robot bounce and sway and their flashing patterns, are all some multiple of the beat. Another interesting feature is the flocking behavior of the swarm of defense robots. All of the patterns and movement is emergent from the fairly simple rules of the individual units.

This game isn’t as polished as my January game. I didn’t have nearly as much free time this month. But it came together much quicker, almost a single weekend.