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#1GAM April 2013: Jellyfish Escape

May 31, 2013

When I was very young, I played a game called Bubble Ghost. For April, I essentially just copied the mechanics of that game so that I could spend most of my time on art production. I learned a great deal about 2D animation, tile-based level building (with Tiled), a little bit about 3D modelling (with Blender), and got to practice my drawing, which I love.

I stuck with Haxe/NME with the HaxeFlixel framework for April. The code came together in about 7 days. One hurdle involved getting pixel-perfect collision detection working. This is my first game where the player and the things it touches are not only oddly shaped but also change shape constantly. I spent about two days getting collision detection working including optimizations for mobile.

I have a lot of plans for this game. More enemies, more environmental hazards, puzzles, and many, many more levels. When it’s ready, I plan to release it for mobile.