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BaconGameJam – Dark Arena

June 9th, 2013

It’s dark and you are alone against a horde of VERY ANGRY things. Explore to find five different weapon types including the mighty auto-shotgun. Find candles to temporarily light up the darkness. Survive as long as you can.

  • There are five different weapon types
  • Conserve your ammo and switch weapons carefully
  • Find candles to increase visibility
  • Difficulty increases over time
  • Can run through stunned monsters

I entered the BaconGameJam and finished a game (solo) in 48 hours! I am SO tired right now. This was my first jam and I’m fairly proud of what I was able to accomplish. I even recorded some acoustic guitar for the music track with 30 minutes left on the clock. As time ticked down, I was exhilarated and panic-stricken at the same time. It was interesting and I’ll probably do another jam soon.

The theme for BaconGameJam was “Lights Out”.  The most interesting part of this game, for me, was the system for implementing a flickering area light around the player. It’s just a mask with a hole in it overlayed on top of the scene. The flickering is achieved by randomly scaling the mask a small amount each frame.

Once again I used Haxe/NME+HaxeFlixel. It’s a great combo that allows very fast development.